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Current WorkCreative Director, Banaras Jaquard Designing
Specialist InBanaras Jaquard Designing
Experience15+ Years


In the specialized world of art, there are two kinds of artists. One, who can almost replicate to perfection what they see with their eyes. Then there are the creators, who can give colour, shape, structure and even life to things we’ve never seen or heard of. These masterminds can create and add life to their creations just by their intuitive instincts. The faces of pre-historic figures, are the best examples of their magnum opus. Our vision is the same, to create and add life to that. K.J MAHESH KUMAR a visionary and the founder of this institution is not just a visionary, but a pioneer in jacquard designing. He is truly a godfather of the weaving industry. His motive has always been to “Create creators”. Starting from scratch, he broke the shackles of conventional degree courses and took the odd way to create a legacy of his own. He built a weaving empire and worked towards the establishment of that empire with his innovative designs and technological tools of highest precision. In the process, he set a bandwagon which multitudes of youth are eager to jump onto. In felicitation of his commendable efforts in Jacquard designing, he won many awards, and one of his wonderful designs, won the State Award for best design, in 2014. As a commemoration of the services and innovations he rendered to the Textile Industry for the past 14 years, he was honoured with the Guinness, Limca and Elite World Records. His designs were nominated for National Awards, 2014. He manages one of the leading Jacquard designing companies and their designs are supplied throughout India. His expertise in the industry coupled with passion towards textile designing, set the trend for innovation in the Jacquard designing industry. He brought forth a revolution in weaving and looming designs by bringing computer aided designs through technical tools like CAD. His courage and strong determination to follow his passion orchestrated the inauguration of this design institution where people with passion are trained in creating fabulous Jacquard Designs, and to artistically design and give life to art world!