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About Us


Banaras Jacquard Designing Centre, since the advent of the millennium, is the only institute that imparts Textile Design and Jacquard Designing through ground breaking technological tools like CAD. Situated bang in the middle of the Coimbatore, at Gandhipuram, we feel happy that we are the pioneers and still the one and only Jacquard Designing Institute in Tamil Nadu to provide this training program and education services in this realm.

We are keen in embracing the nuance of aesthetics....


Our skilled faculties are highly trained experts with good industry experience. Consequently, students undergo all round grooming with a touch of professionalism. As a team, we develop the creative concepts in students and ignite their passion for fashion and all things new.

During the course, varied school, college students and home makers have experienced a transformation in themselves as they look forward to being inspired designers and successful entrepreneurs within a short period. We assist college students doing their final year projects and provide them an insight of technical know-how. Based on latest advances in textiles and technology, our Syllabus always gives you an edge. You just need to be interested in artworks and have a natural knack to create something beautiful…. Spot on! Rest assured of a resplendent future with Banaras Jacquard Design!


Our skilled faculties are highly trained experts with good industry experience. Consequently, students undergo all round grooming with a touch of professionalism. As a team, we develop the creative concepts in students and ignite their passion for fashion and all things new.


Certificates we hold

Elite World Records

Limca Book of Records

Guinness World Records

About the Director

Dr. Hema S. N., Director
The Director of Banaras Jacquard Designs, now.
The knowledge and power within…

Dr. Hema S.N. is passionate about living a life intertwined with textiles and
designing, akin to warp and weft…
She has an edge on fashion trends thanks to her stint as an Associate Costume Designer in multifarious movies and ad films. A proud alumnus of Avinashilingam University, she excelled as a University Rank Holder and Gold Medalist during her Post Graduation in Textiles. She was sponsored by the UGC for 5 years as a Junior and Senior Research Fellow and earned her Doctorate in Textile and Clothing. She is a perpetual learner and believes in nurturing skills through hands-on cognizance.

K. J. MAHESH KUMAR, Creative Head
The difference between who you are and what you want to be…is what you do.

K. J. MAHESH KUMAR is a visionary, a pioneer and a maverick in Jacquard Designing. He lives to “Create creators.” Starting humble, he broke the shackles of conventional degree courses and took the odd way out to create a legacy of his own. He built a designing empire and worked the enterprise with his innovative designs and technological tools of highest precision. His commendable effort in Jacquard Designing has produced remarkable creations that have received many awards:

  • State Award for the year 2014, 2015 & 2016
  • National award for the year 2014
  • Tamil Nadu Govt. Amma Award for the year 2016

Accolades recognized world-wide:

  • Limca Book of Records
  • Guinness World Records
  • Elite World Records

Vision & Mission

* Enhance in-born designing skills and kindle the spirit of creative thinking among students interested in Banaras Textile Designing
* Provide sustainable development in the sphere of Textile Designing
* Ceaselessly work to fortify the lives of weavers by innovation in Weaving Technology
* Encourage entrepreneurship among students and to spread awareness about Textile Designs


Culture and Clothing go hand in hand

In India, culture and clothing are warp and weft. Tamil Nadu has a cultural heritage and a renowned history of the hand-loom industry. This state meets the major textile needs of the nation. In the fast paced fashion world, the requisites demand quicker production methodology, possible only through computerized textile designing interspersed with unparalleled cultural heritage and embedded timelessness. This unique craftsmanship is flashed to weave several epics in textile designing. The master craftsmen of Coimbatore have dexterously spun into life, the stories of the legendary Ramayana and Mahabharata!

Promoting tradition, the creative way

There is great untapped creative resource which lies inert in many. As forerunner in this field, Banaras helps promote the traditional values of our nation, providing the right opportunity to many men and women to showcase their talent and creativity in the field of jacquard designing. This also helps foster an environment that leverages as the cultural beginning for all textile related training. By doing so, we also pledge ourselves to elevate the status of the handloom industry and the weaving community to go with the changes of the contemporary world using intricate designs, attractive colours and unimaginable creativity.



Textile Design Treasure Trove

Going from rough to smooth, Banaras endeavours to train students to have access to unparalleled diversity of knowledge in the field as well as designing a multitude of fabric designs. This is the need of the hour and we accomplish this with the help of our designer students. Our academy offers a friendly learning environment that cares for the students. We deliberate them to fine tune their skills in the practical worlds of clothing and decoration and transform them into passionate designers and successful entrepreneurs.