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Basic Certificate Course

for College Students Only

The basic certificate course aims at providing the perfect add-on course for students in textile and fashion major. This short term course aims at upgrading the students TP skill to streamline in Jacquard Designing. It starts up with the basic concepts of designing and then delves into the process of computerised Jacquard Designing and finally ends up in setting a complete design pattern.

A promise, a commitment, a dream....

Syllabus for Basic Certification Course


Knowing the basics of Jacquard weaving – the functions, operational techniques and methods.


Learning the details to draw a design with apt ornamentation to enhance the beauty and develop it to a 3-dimensional view.


Creating a base for a design setting and learning to create the various patterns with myriad symmetrical designs.


Knowing the descriptions of design segments in a sari and creating designs suitably.


Learning techniques to strengthen the base for CAD Designing and developing a complete model through software.


Learning to replicate the look of a sari by arranging the designs appropriately to create the model.

What do I learn?

It prepares the students in Jacquard Designing with hands on training using CAD. Students are taught to create designs matching seasonal trends to complete the consumer’s requirements. The Textile Design Course covers various aspects and techniques of drawing, colour theories and applications of colour theories in textile designing.



Career Opportunities

Competition persists in fashion careers…. so is the perpetual demand for designers, as the need for clothing augments forever. If you like the idea of setting up a design studio and flaunt your designs, well, go ahead! In countries like China and Europe, there is an increasing necessity for Indian Jacquard Designers in the field of home textiles. Completion of the Course entitles you to entail your designing skills and evolve into tag designing, embroidery, printing and salwar designing, to name a few.

Career Benefits

You owe it to your creative mind…anyone with a talent for drawing art can benefit from Banaras Jacquard Designing Course. You can unshackle your creativity and set different standards to astound the fashion world! The main benefit of learning this Course is that you can explore and showcase your creativity in the beautiful field of Jacquard Designing. Moreover, it is an add-on benefit to college students who are already pursuing a degree in fashion and textiles.


Course Timings and Duration of the Course

Course Hours Timing Course Duration
50 Hours In between 10 AM and 8 PM Within one month